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Close Reading—Reading with a Purpose using Scrible

Enhance students' understanding and engagement with texts through a close reading activity using Scrible. This approach encourages students to delve deeply into a text, examining its language, structure, and meaning.

Objective: Students will use Scrible to conduct a close reading of a text, focusing on its key elements to develop a deeper understanding and appreciation of its nuances.

Learning Outcome: Students will demonstrate an ability to analyze texts closely, identifying and interpreting literary elements, themes, and the author's purpose.

Close Reading Instructions:

Rationale: Close reading enables students to engage with a text on a granular level, enhancing their analytical skills and deepening their comprehension. Using Scrible's annotation and collaboration tools, students can visually organize their thoughts, share insights, and build a comprehensive understanding of the text's layers.


By integrating Scrible's features with close reading strategies, students enhance their textual analysis skills and become proficient in using digital tools for educational purposes, preparing them for the 21st-century demands of digital literacy.

Standards Alignment:

*If your school or district references standards other than Common Core for writing, please reach out, and our team can provide the Scrible standard alignment for your set of standards.