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Enhancing Classroom Assignments: A Customization Guide

Scrible offers a versatile platform for designing diverse assignments, such as research papers, annotated bibliographies, and more. Instructors can customize each assignment's library, including pre-loading sources and setting specific requirements. These settings can be adjusted throughout the assignment period.

The assignment creation process involves three primary tabs: Basics (for general information), Options and Requirements (for library and requirement settings), and Co-Teachers (for adding other teachers to the assignment). 

Let's take a look at the Options and Requirements Tab.

Key features of assignment creation in Scrible include:


Instructors can set a minimum source requirement. Under the Options and Requirements tab, tick the Set library source count requirement? box.

Pre-load sources: 

Educators can pre-load sources into the student libraries. These pre-loaded sources allow the students to annotate their copy(ies) without altering the original document(s). Sources cannot be removed once the assignment has been published, but additional sources can be added. 


Enabling this feature allows students to access bibliography and citation tools. Instructors can set a minimum source count for bibliographies and choose to use an annotated bibliography format. Options include setting a word count for citation annotations and selecting a citation style. A split bibliography option is available for certain projects.


This feature can be enabled or disabled by ticking (or un-ticking) the box, controlling the visibility of the Outline tab in the student's library.


Instructors can enable paper writing features and add papers from Google Drive or OneDrive. A word count requirement can be set, with a metric displayed in the assignment dashboard. Adding a paper to the assignment will allow Scrible to capture the actual time students spent writing in their documents, which is then displayed in the student data metrics.

Scrible simplifies the assignment process, offering a range of customizable options to cater to different educational needs. Additionally, all the options selected from this process will populate valuable data showing the students' process in their writing, which is invaluable for plagiarism mitigation and differentiated instruction.