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How do I add sources to an assignment?

For the best results, please follow along in Scrible. 

Create Assignment

Under the assignments tab at the top of the page, select the Create Assignment button on the right for a new assignment.

Edit Assignment

To add sources to an existing assignment or a draft, select either the Active or Draft tab and hover over the assignment. Select the Edit assignment icon from the choices on the right.

On the Edit Assignment Details page, choose the Options and Requirements tab and the Sources tab. Check the box next to Include sources?

Add Sources

Click on the + new source button, and select from the drop-down to either

The list of sources added to the assignment appears under the + new source button. 

Student Assignment Library

Any source added from a Scrible library is copied into each student's assignment library as-is, including its existing annotations. These annotations can include highlights made with the Scrible toolbar or comments, for example, with questions for the students to answer. 

A bookmarked site can include recommended sites for student work, such as subscription databases. 

Sources can be added to an assignment at any time, but once an assignment is distributed, sources cannot be removed as they are included in each student's assignment library. All annotations and comments included in the shared sources remain as they are at the time of distribution. 

Adding sources to the assignment library can help younger students explore evaluating an argument and practice annotating sources without the additional step of locating those sources. 

Assignment settings determine metrics

The settings for the assignment determine which metrics are shown in the educator's assignment dashboard, allowing them to monitor class and student progress.

View how many sources students are adding to their assignment library

If a set number of sources is included in the assignment requirements, the sources provided by the instructor in the assignment library will not count toward the required number of sources. 

Even if the assignment does not include a required number of sources, educators can see how many sources each student is adding to their assignment library. Under the Sources tab, select Set library source count requirement, and set the minimum sources to 0.

Click here to learn more about creating assignments in Scrible. 

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