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How do I use Scrible's Group Assignment feature?

Collaborative learning is absolutely essential in the modern educational landscape, as it dramatically enhances student engagement and fosters a sense of teamwork. Scrible's latest feature, Group Assignments, is a shining example of this approach. Students can now collaborate seamlessly, and teachers have all the tools to facilitate, monitor, and provide real-time feedback on group projects within one platform. Discover the transformative capabilities of Group Assignments below and learn how you can take your teaching and collaborative learning experience to the next level.

Create a Group Assignment

Scrible has come up with a comprehensive solution that enables teachers to create both 'Individual' and 'Group' assignments. This makes it easier for teachers to manage group projects, and the 'Group' option automatically assigns students to designated groups, simplifying teacher management and saving valuable time.

You're in Control

Using an intuitive drag-and-drop interface, teachers have complete control over rearranging students to ensure optimal collaboration, making group projects more efficient and productive. Additionally, teachers can personalize each group with a unique name or theme, making it easier to manage multiple groups.

Track Group Progress

The progress tracking feature of Scrible empowers teachers to keep track of collective student progress, providing a quick overview of each group's progress. Teachers can provide timely feedback, ensuring students stay on track and motivated throughout the project.

Harness the collaborative power of Group Assignments and foster a dynamic, teamwork-driven classroom environment. #GroupAssignments #ScribleTips

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