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How do I add, edit, and manage comments?

How do I add comments to my sources?

Can I reply to a comment? How?

Yes, you can reply to a comment by clicking the reply arrow in the bottom right corner. This keeps the conversation organized and connected to the specific text.

How can I edit or delete my comments?

To edit a comment, click on the comments icon in the sidebar, then click within the text box of the comment you wish to edit.

To delete a comment, click the trash can icon in the upper right corner of the comment note. Note that you can only delete comments you've made.

How do I close the Comments Sidebar?

Are my comments and edits saved automatically?

Yes, new comments and edits are saved automatically. They remain visible whenever you open the Comments Sidebar unless the comment or source is deleted.

How can I choose the color of my comment notes?

Change the color of new comment notes by clicking the arrow next to the comment icon in the toolbar.

Is there a quick way to access comment functions?

Yes, a context menu for the Comment Tool appears when you click within the text linked to the comment, offering quick access to various functions. Hover over each icon for descriptions of the available functions.

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