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How can I use colors when annotating?

Gone are the days of traditional highlighters limiting your annotation creativity. With Scrible, you can elevate this classic technique to a whole new level of organization and effectiveness. Research indicates that color coding in writing isn't just visually appealing—it's academically beneficial too. Let's dive into how you can infuse color into your writing for enhanced productivity and organization.

The Key to Effective Color Coding

The cornerstone of successful color coding lies in consistency. It's essential to choose a color scheme and adhere to it throughout your document. Here's a simple guide:

If you're setting up or revising an assignment for students, Scrible lets you standardize this color scheme for everyone's use. Here’s how to do it:

Navigate to the Assignment tab

Create or Edit an Assignment: Choose to either create a new assignment

Or edit an existing one

Open the "Options and Requirements" tab.

Tick the "Create an annotation key?" box, then click the "Create" hyperlink for legend entries.

Customize Your Annotations: In the pop-up, select "Annotation type: Highlight," pick your color, and assign a tag for the annotation.

Repeat for each color and tag for your scheme.

With your annotation key set, you're now ready to explore the endless possibilities of personalized color coding in Scrible. Remember, you can assign multiple tags to each annotation type, adding layers of depth to your annotations.

How will color coding revolutionize the way you use Scrible? We're eager to hear your plans!

Happy Scribling!