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How Do I Track Student Work?

Assignment Settings Dictate Metrics Displayed on Educator's Dashboard.

The assignment settings dictate which metrics appear on the educator's dashboard, enabling them to track both class and individual student progress.

Determining Assignment Criteria

To customize what you see in the dashboard:

Remember, any categories activated here will also show up in the student's assignment library.

Viewing Student-Added Sources in Assignment Library.

To see how many sources each student has added to their assignment:

Please note: The count does not include sources that the teacher adds to the assignment.

Monitoring Bibliography Source Count.

To adjust the bibliography settings:

   - This action unveils more bibliography choices for educators.

   - It also adds the "Bibliography" tab to the students' assignment library.

Tracking Sources and Setting Word Count for Annotated Bibliography Citations.

In the image above, both "Use annotated bibliography?" and "Set citation annotation word count requirement?" options are selected.

The image below is an example of the Educator's Assignment Dashboard. As you can see, this interface generates data based on the selections made in the Create Assignment process. Every option that you choose during the creation phase will result in a data-collection point that you can reference for each student and assignment! Notice that we now include a Work Progress Detail View in which you can see how much time students have invested in each of four categories:

Monitoring Word Count in the Paper Section.

Follow the instructions in this article to set up an assignment using our Papers features.

Under the saved paper template for the assignment, you can set a word count requirement. If you want to monitor word count without setting a specific requirement, simply leave it at 0.

Educator Dashboard

When you distribute an assignment, each student gets their own assignment library. 

The features visible in this library depend on how the educator has set up the assignment. Educators can toggle these features on or off at any time, updating what students see in their libraries.

The data on the educator's assignment dashboard reflects the criteria set for the assignment.

To access this dashboard, select the relevant assignment under the Assignments tab.

Assignment metrics for the entire class are shown at the top, while individual student data can be found below the dark grey bar.

The tabs in a student's assignment library reflect the "Options and Requirements" set by the educator. These tabs may include Sources, Bibliography, Outline, Paper, and Metrics.


Creating Student Feedback

To review a student's work, click on their name.

Select New Message on the right side of the screen. Conversely, you can open and reply to previous conversations by clicking on the discussion of your choice. See the gif below for a demonstration.


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