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The Life Cycle of an Assignment (for Educators)

This article refers to the newer version of Scrible Assignments released in fall 2021. 

For an educator, assignments in Scrible have 4 stages.


When an educator creates an assignment or duplicates an existing assignment, the assignment is in the Draft state. This is only visible to the educator and other co-teachers on the assignment. In the Draft state, all configuration options for the assignment are available, such as due date, requirements for the assignment, and distribution method.


Once the configuration of the assignment is completed, the educator clicks the Assign button, transitioning the assignment to the Assigned state. Students are now able to work on the assignment. Certain configuration options will no longer be available - in particular, the distribution method cannot be changed once assigned. Also, if sources were added to the assignment, they can no longer be removed.  Additional sources may be added at any time.


Assignments will remain in the Assigned state until the Close Date, at which point they transition to the Closed state. Once the assignment is Closed, student work is locked as-is (whether that assignment was submitted or not). If needed, the educator can adjust the Close Date to the future, which will transition the assignment back into the Assigned state, allowing students additional time to complete their work.


Once the grading of the assignment is complete, the educator can choose to return work for that assignment. This moves the assignment into the Completed state and the students will receive full access to their work again (the equivalent of handing back physical papers for an assignment), so they can retain it as a portfolio of their work.

Listing of assignments for teachers

You will find three tabs on the Assignment listing page for teachers: 

Listing of assignments for students

Three tabs are also shown on the Assignment listing page for students: