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Which tools need to be installed?

Installing either the Scrible Toolbar Chrome extension or the Microsoft Edge extension is essential. 

These add-ons save online sources in Scrible libraries and enable the toolbar to make annotations.   

We also support a bookmarklet version of the Scrible toolbar for Firefox. 

Scrible will be able to capture content in Safari (OS X or iOS) soon, and our iPad app will be available in the fall of 2022. 

Viewing and annotating content previously saved in Scrible libraries does not require any tools and should work in any current browser.

Our Scrible Writer Google Docs Add-on or Scrible Writer Word Add-in is also needed. 

This allows users to manage bibliographies, review research and outlines, and incorporate annotations as cited quotes based on the plan's features. 

Are you an educator needing to conserve class time? 

Use this guide to push the Chrome Extension and Google Docs add-on out to students and prevent walking students through the steps during class. 

Thank you for using Scrible! We enjoy hearing from you! 

Please share your requests and feedback with us and make Scrible better.