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How to Pin the Scrible Extension in iPad Safari

One of the best ways to get the most out of using Scrible is to ensure you pin it to your browser. That way, anytime you surf the Internet, you can add your sources to MY LIBRARY. This post will give you step-by-step instructions for iPad Safari. 

iPad Safari

Before you start, install the Scrible Extension App.

If you have more than two extensions enabled, the Scrible icon will be hidden in your address bar (see below). However, there's an easy fix for that.

Temporarily Disable Other Extensions

Now that you have enabled the Scrible Extension let's make it the star of your browser. Tap the jigsaw puzzle icon in the upper right of your iPad browser URL to open a pop-up menu. Next, navigate to the Manage Extensions field at the bottom of the list, and tap. 

Now you can tap the toggle switches to turn off all your other Extensions, making sure to keep Scrible active. Tap on Done. Now you're ready to research!

Don't worry! They aren't gone, just turned off while you work on your project. When you return to the application, the Scrible icon will be pinned, visible, and ready to use. Your browser should look like this:      

Using the Extension 

The Scrible Extension is ready to use. When you find a source you want to use, tap the Scrible icon to activate the Scrible toolbar. Don't worry; your source automatically saves to MY LIBRARY


What if I don't want to disable my other Extensions?

No problem! You can still do everything you need in Scrible; you'll need to add a step to the abovementioned process. If you have more than two extensions installed and enabled, you won't be able to see individual extension icons in your address bar. Instead, you'll only see the jigsaw puzzle icon.

To start Scrible, tap on the jigsaw puzzle icon in the address bar to display your list of Extensions. Then tap the Scrible icon. 

Your Scrible toolbar will load, allowing you to save the source to My Library and annotate as usual. 

IMPORTANT: You will need to repeat this for every source.

Happy Scribling! 

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Thank you for using Scrible!