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Installing the Scrible Tools

Scrible extension - Install & pin

A browser extension (a.k.a. add-on or plug-in) adds functionality to your browser. When you add the Scrible Extension to your browser, you'll see a small button with the Scrible "S" logo to the right of your Address Bar. While browsing the web, click that button to load the Scrible Extension on web pages.

Once you've installed the extension, you can just click on the extensions menu (the puzzle piece icon) in your browser and click the pin button to make the Scrible Extension button visible in your browser bar. 

Scrible Writer Google Docs Add-on or Word Add-in

Installing the Scrible Writer Add-on/Add-in allows users to manage bibliographies, review research and outlines, and incorporate annotations as cited quotes based on the plan's features. 

*Are you a Google Workspace for Education admin?

Use this guide to push the Chrome Extension and Google Docs add-on out to students automatically.