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Getting Started with Canvas

Canvas integration is available for educators using a non-trial version of Scrible Edu Pro. 


Once Scrible has been integrated with Canvas at your school, please use this wizard to get started.

Scrible can be found in the Course sidebar within a course in Canvas. This link takes the user to the Scrible app within Canvas.

Scrible users use single sign-on to sign in to Scrible. First-time users will answer a few questions to complete their Scrible account. 

Educators can sync a course roster from Canvas to Scrible. 

Canvas Administrators

Follow the Launch Canvas LTI 1.3 wizard to set up Scrible's integration within Canvas.

After the baseline setup of the LTI integration, choose from either a global install, installing within specified sub-accounts, or allowing teachers to perform the installation for themselves. We encourage either the global install or installing in specific sub-accounts to protect teachers from spending additional time installing an LTI app, which can prove somewhat complicated if unfamiliar with the process. However, we do have a wizard to help with that as well! 

We'd love to hear from you! Please share your requests and feedback with us. 

Thank you for using Scrible!