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Getting started with Canvas

We offer several ways to integrate Scrible with Canvas.  These integrations offer single sign on (SSO), embedding Scrible within a course in Canvas, and roster sync for classes.  All of these options require the teacher to have a non-trial version of the Edu Pro Plan.

There are two different scenarios of how to use Scrible with Canvas

1) As an individual teacher at a school using Canvas where Scrible is not made available through Canvas at a school level

2) Where the Canvas administrator has installed Scrible as an LTI app.

First scenario (Individual teacher using Canvas)

We offer two different options in this scenario.  In the first option, you authorize Scrible to connect to Canvas on your behalf to make it easy to add Scrible to your courses (to embed the Scrible library with SSO) and perform roster syncing.  We have found a few schools though that have blocked this type of access.  In those cases, the second option allows you to embed Scrible in individual classes with SSO as an LTI App but does not enable roster syncing.

Note that for both of these options, you as the teacher will have to create a Scrible account first without the Canvas SSO, so you'll need to create an email/password sign in or use a Google or Office 365 SSO.  The SSO with Canvas will be added to this account later on.  Students will be able to use the Canvas SSO to create their accounts.

First Option: Direct connection with Canvas

  1. Go to the Connected Apps tab of your Account Settings.
  2. Scroll down to the Canvas section and click Add Canvas Integration.
  3. Now you'll see instructions for generating an Access Token for Scrible.
    1. Sign into your Canvas account.
    2. Click on Account in the left side bar and then click Settings in the bar that slides out.
    3. In the Approved Integrations section click the New Access Token button.
    4. In Purpose, enter "Scrible".
    5. Leave Expires field blank.
    6. Click Generate Token.
    7. In the window that opens, select the Token value and copy.
    8. Paste this value into the Access Token field.
  4. Now click the Add Canvas Access Token button.  We attempt to validate your account information at this point.  If it doesn't work, your school's Canvas may be restricting the APIs Scrible needs to use.  Proceed to the second option.
  5. After successful connection, you'll see options to Authorize the Roster Sync and to Add Scrible as a Course App.

Authorize Roster Sync

When you Authorize the Roster Sync, Scrible will import the list of classes you are connected to into Scrible (but not the students yet).  You can then go to the Classroom Page in Scrible to see these.  You'll find options to enable syncing students for the classes in which you want to use Scrible.

Add Scrible as Course App

Clicking this will show you a list of your courses in Canvas.  Select the one you want and click Add. This will add a Scrible link to the sidebar for that course. Clicking on that will open Scrible within Canvas. The first time students do this, they'll need to answer a few questions to complete the creation of their Scrible account. After this, they'll be taken straight into Scrible when they click this link.

Second Option: Add Scrible in a course as an LTI App

This is essentially the same as adding Scrible as a Course App above, but it is a bit more cumbersome to setup.  It should work though regardless of the Canvas configuration.  For each course you want to add Scrible to you will need to do the following:

  1. Go to the LTI tab of your Account Settings.
  2. Click the "Instructions for Canvas" link and follow those.  It should generally be something like:
    1. Click the "Generate new LTI key" button and 3 text fields show show up with information in them.
    2. Open Canvas in a new tab/window, go to the course you want to add Scrible to.
    3. Go to the settings for that course.
    4. Go to the "Apps" tab.
    5. Click on the "View App Configurations" link button
    6. Hit the blue "+ App" button in the top right of the settings box.
    7. A popup should then open up. Here's how it should be filled out:
      1. Configuration Type: By URL
      2. Name: Scrible
      3. The rest of the fields will show in the instructions with your account specific information - please keep that confidential
    8. Submit and then you should be all set

You will need to repeat this process for each course you want to add Scrible to.

Scenario 2: Canvas administrator has installed Scrible as an LTI app.

Scrible supports being added as an LTI 1.1 app which makes it available as an option in the Account sidebar and in the sidebar for courses.  This link will take the user to the Scrible app within Canvas and use SSO to sign them in.  The first time, they'll need to answer a few questions to complete their Scrible account.

We do not currently have an LTI 1.3 option which would give the ability to enable Roster Sync for the whole school, but if that's something you're interested in, please let us know.

If you are a Canvas Admin and would like to add the LTI 1.1 app in Canvas, please do the following.

  1. If you don't already have a Scrible account, please create one as an Instructor.  You won't be able to use SSO to create your account, but after you set this up, then teachers and students will be able to.
  2. Go to the LTI tab of your Account Settings and click the "Generate new LTI key" button
  3. Then in a separate tab, go to the Admin section of Canvas for your school and click on the "Settings" in the sidebar and choose the "Apps" tab.
  4. Click the "+ App" button in the upper right corner.
  5. Change the "Configuration Type" to be "By URL".
  6. Enter "Scrible" as the name.
  7. Go back to the Scrible tab and copy the "Consumer Key" and switch back to the Canvas tab and paste it in the "Consumer Key" field.
  8. Go back to the Scrible tab and copy the "Consumer Secret" and switch back to the Canvas tab and paste it in the "Shared Secret" field.
  9. Go back to the Scrible tab and copy the "XML Configuration URL" and switch back to the Canvas tab and paste it in the "Config URL" field.
  10. Click Submit

After doing this your school should now have Scrible as an option in all the course's sidebars and also in the Accounts sidebar.