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Teachers - Getting started with Scrible using Google Workspace for Education

Helping students sign in

Although a variety of sign-in options is available, we recommend students use Google single sign-on (SSO). Students tend to find this easier than remembering a Scrible password or needing to receive an external email with a password reset. 

Please make sure students are signed in to their student Google account rather than a personal account when using Scrible.

When students first sign in they will see this screen. The Google logo is located in the row with the other SSO options. 

Students need to open Scrible in a browser when they are signed in with their school Google account. 

Students will authorize access to Scrible and complete their account information only once. From then on, they will simply click the Google button to sign in to their Scrible account.

All users need to install two tools to use Scrible*

*Please request the Google Workspace for Education administrator add these tools to the "allow" list for all students accessing Scrible. We recommend the admin push the extension and add-on out to the students' accounts to avoid using class time to guide students through this process. 

More information is available here.

Setting up classes (Edu Pro)

When students are added to a class, they automatically receive the upgrade to Edu Pro. 

Syncing Rosters

Scrible can sync rosters from Google Classroom. 

Allow the sync to take a moment; refresh the page if necessary. 

Now the list of classes from Google Classroom has been synced! At this point, we recommend only enabling sync for the student rosters in the classes using Scrible. 

Class rosters automatically sync periodically. To see the changes in Scrible quickly, click the "update" button on the classes page.

Additional Resources

Search for topics in the How-to Guides and FAQ under the Help tab.

Requesting help

For the quickest response time, submit requests through our help page, or email screenshots/screen share videos to our team at

Click here for additional information when requesting help on behalf of a student.  

We love hearing from you! Please share your requests and feedback with us. 

Thank you for using Scrible!