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Creating an assignment with a paper (and using our Google Drive integration for the first time)

1. Create the assignment and under the Basics tab, set the title, due date, distribution method, etc. 

2. Under the Options and Requirments tab, select the Papers tab and

3. Select the New Paper button

4. This box opens

Note: if this box does not open, it is possible educators need to authorize our Google Drive integration first. They will receive a prompt to go to the Connected Apps page in account settings to authorize the Google integration before proceeding. 

Important: after authorizing the Google Drive integration, the Scrible user needs 

to sign out, and then back into, their Scrible account. 

5. If using a file from Google Drive, select the Choose file from Google Drive option and click Continue

6. A  popup window opens and closes on its own, followed by the dialog box below. Click on the document to use as a template in this Scrible paper and choose the Select button. 

7. A working message appears as we create a copy of the document

8. The selected template appears under the Papers tab in the assignment. 

The option to select a word count requirement appears beneath the paper. Please select and set it to 0 if you wish to receive metrics on word count progress, but don't have a required number of words for this assignment. 

We enjoy hearing from Scrible users! Please send questions and requests our way! 

Thank you for using Scrible!