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Get to Know the Outline Feature

Outlining is a critical step in transforming your research into a structured, coherent piece of writing. Scrible's Outline feature, especially within the Edu Pro suite, elevates this process, making it simpler and smarter. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to leverage this feature for your projects:

Creating Your Outline Directly: 

Begin in your Scrible account and select the library where you've gathered sources for your research. You can start crafting an outline directly linked to your research data from this point. This method ensures that your outline is deeply integrated with your collected insights and information, setting a solid foundation for your work.

How to Integrate Your Outline Using Scrible Writer:

After structuring your outline in Scrible, you can quickly move it into your document using the Scrible Writer add-on for Google Docs or Microsoft Word. This feature ensures a smooth transfer of your organized ideas, research, and structure into a document where you can fully flesh out your project.

Scrible's Outline feature bridges the gap between research and writing, offering a streamlined, efficient path from collecting sources to drafting your document. By starting with a solid outline directly tied to your research within Scrible and smoothly transitioning to Google Docs or Microsoft Word for writing, you can ensure your projects are well-organized and grounded in solid research from the outset. 

💡 Considering an Upgrade? The advanced outlining capabilities discussed here are a feature of the Edu Pro plan, designed to integrate seamlessly with your research and writing workflow. If you're interested in taking full advantage of Scrible's outlining tools, we encourage you to explore our plans and select one that best suits your academic or professional needs.

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