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Deciding How to Sign-in to Scrible for Organizations

In order to get the most from the Scrible platform, your IT department should take into consideration which platforms your organization uses.

If Google Workspace for Education or Microsoft Education is the primary system used in your organization, use that account. 

If the primary system used in the classroom is ClassLink, Canvas, Schoology, or Clever, it is probably best to use those accounts to access Scrible.*

Scrible users can sign in with any of the following single sign-on (SSO) options, whether one or multiple 3rd party systems are associated with their Scrible account. Click on the links below to access articles about working with these integrations. 

Scrible provides roster syncing with most of these providers as well. Select the link above to learn more about syncing class rosters with specific integrations. 

We always encourage Scrible users to reach out to our team with any questions or concerns.

How Scrible uses the connection with Google/Microsoft 365 accounts

Scrible integrates with Google/Microsoft 365 for the bibliography, outline, and paper features provided through assignments in Scrible.

For example, a student can create a paper or bibliography from the research or citations housed in Scrible using Google Docs/Word. Scrible libraries can be shared with other users for collaboration, so Scrible ensures the document permissions are adjusted to reflect the library sharing. 

Scrible automatically manages the permissions to these files and shares these documents with the students and teachers. Because of this, when a student turns a paper in through Scrible, their "write access" to the document can be removed. 

Scrible also periodically analyzes the documents to provide both class and individual metrics for teachers to see how their students are progressing and provide formative feedback if needed. 

For the quickest response time, submit requests through our help page; email screenshots, or screen share videos to our team at

 Thank you for using Scrible!