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Getting started with ClassLink

Scrible is available to add to the ClassLink LaunchPad and offers SSO through ClassLink.  Even if Scrible is not added in the ClassLink LaunchPad, any ClassLink user can sign into Scrible using their ClassLink account from the Scrible Sign-In page by clicking the ClassLink SSO option () with no prior setup necessary.

Scrible can also use the ClassLink Roster Server to synchronize the teachers, students, and classes for your school which simplifies the account sign up for students and class management for teachers.  Just add Scrible in your ClassLink Roster Server and configure the classes you wish to roster in Scrible.  Because we also integrate with Google and Microsoft 365 accounts, we ask that you provide the student's emails for those systems in your roster data (either as their email address or username) so that if they connect those accounts later (or if you had early adopters who started with those), we can properly match them up with their ClassLink accounts.

Please let us know if you have any questions about our ClassLink integration or about what data is needed in the roster sync.