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How do I save and edit bibliographies?

Last week's Tip Tuesday showed you how easy create a Scrible 1-Click Bibliography, which is available across our education subscription plans. This week you'll learn how to do more with bibliographies, allowing you to research like a pro! Today's Tip shows you how to build, save, and edit bibliographies over time with our Edu Pro Plan.  

If you want to compare our plans and see which one is right for you, check out this page. 

Bibliography Tab in Scrible Edu Pro

One of the biggest differences you'll notice with Edu Pro is additional tabs atop your library to facilitate various steps in the writing process. 

1-Click Bibliographies are created immediately for you to copy and paste into your document. However, they're not saved or editable. So they're "one-and-done." With Scrible Edu Pro, you can build and update your bibliographies over time because they're saved and editable in a dedicated Bibliography Tab! 

Building your Bibliography

Under the Bibliography Tab, you'll see our Bibliography Editor. Clicking the Add from Sources Button above the bibliography workspace or the Add from Sources Tab on the left will open the Add from Sources Sidebar on the left. In that Sidebar, you can search all your sources from the search bar to narrow your choices. In this example, let's look for all the sources pertaining to Cybersecurity. Hovering over a source in the Sidebar and clicking its + Button will add the citation for that source to your bibliography on the right with a flash of green. You can also drag and drop your sources into the bibliography. Note the flash of green confirms the action was completed. The citations in your bibliography are listed in the appropriate order, and in the citation style you select.

Removing Citations

If you have a citation you no longer want to cite, you can easily remove it from the bibliography. Simply hover over that citation and click the - Button to the left of it. Don't worry; the citation is removed from your bibliography, but its corresponding source is still in your library!

Editing Citations

In a previous Tip Tuesday, we told you How to Edit Scrible Citations. However, you can also make changes to your citations from within the bibliography under the Bibliography Tab!

We're just scratching the surface of all the amazing things Scrible can do. Come back every week for a new Tip Tuesday to learn more!

Happy Scribling!

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