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How do I use 1-Click Bibliographies?

As you use Scrible, you discover that it's the ultimate solution to writing better papers faster! Creating a bibliography is one of the most tedious academic writing tasks. Fortunately, Scrible's 1-Click Bibliography feature makes the process painless. Whether you're working on a research paper or just need to track your sources for future reference, 1-Click Bibliographies save you time and effort. Say goodbye to tedious manual citation formatting and collation; say hello to fast, easy and accurate bibliographies! Today's Tip shows you how to use 1-Click Bibliographies, streamlining your research workflow like never before!

Open My Library to view your sources

Check the boxes for your desired sources and click the Bibliography Button atop your Library.

Those sources are added to a new bibliography, the citation style for which can be changed as needed from the Citation Style Dropdown on the left.

That's it! Simply copy and paste your completed bibliography into your paper!

Happy Scribling!

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