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Why am I receiving an error message in Scrible Writer?

Using the Scrible Writer extension in Google Docs while logged in to multiple Google accounts can cause issues on Google's end. The message, "There was a failure while registering this document with the bibliography. Please try again in a minute," appears at the bottom of the Scrible Writer box. 

To resolve this, navigate to and click on the picture/initial in the upper right corner. A dropdown will appear:

If one or more accounts appear in the section by the arrow, select the sign out of all accounts button.

Sign back into the Google account associated with your Scrible account. 

The existing bug in the Google Docs add-on framework is on Google's end and is not something we can remedy at this time. For future work in Scrible Writer using Google Docs, we recommend signing in to the Google account associated with your Scrible account and logging out of the others. 

Thank you for using Scrible! 

As always, please reach out with any questions or concerns. We love hearing from you!