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How do I track students' work?

Assignment requirements determine which metrics appear in the educator's assignment dashboard

The settings for the assignment determine which metrics are shown in the educator's assignment dashboard, allowing them to monitor class and student progress.

Setting assignment requirements

Under the Assignments tab, select the tab Options and Requirements for the current assignment. 

From there, select any category you'd like to see in the dashboard from the four tabs Sources, Bibliography, Outline, and Papers. Any of these tabs enabled in the assignment will also appear in the student assignment library.

View how many sources students add to their assignment library

Even if the assignment does not include a required number of sources, educators can see how many sources each student is adding to their assignment library. Under the Sources tab, select Set library source count requirement, and set the minimum sources (or leave at 0 if you don't want to set a minimum). Note that this count excludes any sources added to the assignment by the teacher.

Track the number of sources in the bibliography

All settings for the bibliography are found under the Bibliography tab. Selecting the first box, Enable bibliography and citation features, reveals other bibliography options for educators, and adds the Bibliography tab to the students' assignment library. 

For annotated bibliographies, track the number of sources, and include a word count requirement for each citation annotation in the bibliography

In the image above, the Use annotated bibliography? and Set citation annotation word count requirement? are both checked. 

The image below is an example of the educator's assignment dashboard displaying an assignment with the requirements of 4 sources in the library, 4 sources in the bibliography, and a citation bibliography with at least 50 words per source. 

Track the number of words used in the paper section

Follow the steps in this article to create an assignment with our Papers features.

The option to select a word count requirement appears beneath the paper template saved to the assignment. It can be left at 0 if you wish to receive metrics on word count progress, but don't have a required number of words for this assignment. 

Educator Dashboard

Once the assignment is distributed or assigned, an individual assignment library is created for each student. 

The tabs included in the student assignment library are based on the configuration of that assignment by the educator. The educator can enable/disable features at any point during the assignment and these will be added/removed from the student assignment libraries.

The information provided in the educator's assignment dashboard is also determined by the assignment requirements chosen when the assignment is distributed. 

To view the educator's assignment dashboard, choose the current assignment under the Assignments tab.

Class metrics for the assignment are displayed first, with individual student data listed at the bottom, under the black bar. 

Click on each name to view the student's work and sent a direct message in the feedback bar to the right. The tabs included in each student's assignment library are determined by the Options and Requirements settings the educator selected when creating the assignment. Available tabs include Sources, Bibliography, Outline, Paper, and Metrics


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