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Is there a difference between a class library and an assignment library?

Scrible's free Edu plan for K12 educators includes one class library for each section. 

Scrible's Edu Pro Teacher plan includes assignment libraries and the ability to create additional class libraries

Class Libraries

class library is a shared library for all teachers and students within a specific class or section. Everyone with access to this library can add sources and make annotations to the sources within the class library. Students needing to make private annotations to a source shared in a class library will first need to copy that source to another library. 

When working in the libraries tab, class libraries are listed in the sidebar on the left.

A default class library is created for every section and can be accessed from the Classes page and the library list sidebar. Teachers can create additional class libraries by creating a library and in the collaborators setting, choosing the Add classes as collaborators option and choosing the section(s) they want to share it with.

Assignment Libraries

When an assignment is distributed through Scrible, a specific assignment library is created for each student. The tabs and sources included in this library are determined by the options chosen when the assignment is created. If sources (and their existing annotations) are added to the assignment by the teacher, each student will receive their own copy of these sources in their assignment library. Tabs for bibliography work, an outline, and a paper will also be included or omitted in each student's assignment library based on the options chosen by the instructor. 

Students are able to add their own sources to their assignment library and move between the tabs provided to complete their work. 

To avoid an overwhelming number of libraries in the list, teachers don't see students' assignment libraries in their library list sidebar. Teachers access the student's assignment libraries by clicking on the assignment. Links to each assignment library are listed by student name below the assignment metrics. 

Students will see their assignment libraries in a separate section of the library list sidebar: 

Educators with Edu Pro: click here to learn more about creating assignments in Scrible.

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