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Can children under 13 years old use Scrible?

Yes - children under 13 can use Scrible, but their accounts will have a few restrictions until they turn 13.

Account Creation

When available, we strongly recommend the use of a single sign-on option for students under 13. We cannot email students under13, so if the child is not signing into Scrible through a single sign-on option, they will need to provide us with an email address for a parent, guardian, or teacher who can assist them with a password reset. 


To comply with US law regarding online services for children under 13, we limit the ways these students interact with others on our platform.


When submitting support requests, the children will need to provide an email address of an adult (parent, guardian, or teacher) that we can use for correspondence.

After their 13th birthday

Students can update their age in their Account Settings -> "Use Info" section.  Where it says "I am under 13 years old", they can click the Update link to change their account status to 13 and over.  After doing this, they should make sure the account has an email address for them to use for password resets, account integrations, etc.