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How do I install the Scrible Writer Google Docs add-on and connect to my Scrible account

You can add our Google Docs add-on from the G-Suite Marketplace.  After adding the Add-on, open a Google Doc and select "Add-ons"->"Scrible Writer"->"Start" to open up the sidebar.  

The first time you do this, you will need to connect to your Scrible Account.  Just click the blue "Connect to Scrible account" button.  A window will open for you to sign-in.  After you sign in (or if you are already signed in) it should transition in a few seconds to a page saying you have successfully signed in.  You can then close that tab.  

If the add-on is still showing the Sign-in screen, close it and re-open the Scrible Writer add-on and you should be signed in.

If during the connection step, you see a message saying that a token expired, return to the Google Doc, close the Scrible Writer add-on sidebar and reopen it and try again.