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How can I collaborate with team members on a project?

Edu Pro users can create Projects in the "Projects" tab.  A Project wraps a library (similar to My Library) but enables additional features, including the ability to share the library with others.  After creating a project you'll be taken to the Project Dashboard.  There you'll find a Collaborators panel.  Click the + button in the upper right corner to invite one or more collaborators by email address.  You can also control their access to this Project.  In the Toolbar if you click the dropdown next to the Library icon, you'll be able to move that source into this project's Library.

Projects also allow you to create a Legend for your annotation tools to help you and your collaborators to consistently annotate sources in the Project.  The Project also has a persisted Bibliography associated with it which can be used with the Deliverables (just Google Docs for now) and our Scrible Writer Google Docs add-on.