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Can I use the Scrible Extension on Flash content?

Unfortunately, the Scrible Extension is not compatible with Flash content. However, don't let this limitation curb your annotation needs. You can still annotate the surrounding HTML content on a page that includes Flash elements. It's just the Flash object itself that's outside the scope of Scrible's capabilities.

How to Identify Flash Content:

  1. Look for Dynamic Elements: Flash content often stands out due to its dynamic, animated, or interactive nature. If a component on a webpage seems distinctly different in behavior from typical web elements, it could be a Flash object. A classic example is YouTube videos, which used to be Flash-based in the past.
  2. Use the Right-Click Test: An easy method to identify Flash content is to right-click on the element. If the context menu that appears includes a reference to "Adobe Flash Player," you're indeed dealing with a Flash object.

Remember, as web technology evolves, the usage of Flash is becoming less common, and more content is being created using modern web standards that are fully compatible with Scrible. If you're facing any difficulties or have further questions, feel free to reach out for more detailed assistance.