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Assignment Due Date versus Close Date

(Note that this article refers to the new version of assignments in Scrible to be released in Fall 2021)

Assignments in Scrible have two date associated with them, the Due Date and the Close Date.

Due Date

The Due Date is the date when the educator wants the students to have their work done and submitted.  This is the date shown to students for the assignment.  

Close Date

The Close Date is the date after which students can no longer make any changes to the work for the assignment.  This allows some "wiggle room" for late submissions or for them to correct something based on feedback.  When the Close Date passes, all student work is locked as-is (submitted or not) for review by the educators.  If the Close Date passes and students need additional time to work, the educator can edit the Close Date to be in the future and students will regain their ability to make changes.  The close date is not shown to students (so it doesn't become seen as "the real due date").

Our system allows students to submit and un-submit assignments any time before the Close Date. We record a history of when work is submitted and un-submitted for and the educator has the discretion to decide if the late submission was acceptable (eg, if they were out sick or if it was a change requested, etc.) and deduct points if desired.