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Assignment Distribution Options

(Note that this article refers to the new version of assignments in Scrible to be released in Fall 2021)

Assignments in Scrible offer a few methods of distribution and we'll be adding additional options in the future.  Here's more information about the options available.

Individual Students in a Section

For educators who have synced over classes/sections from a 3rd party or have manually setup classes/sections in Scrible, they can to distribute the assignment to one of these sections.  Each student will be given a copy of the assignment to work on individually, and only they and the co-teachers on the assignment will have access to their work.

If the section is one that is synced over from Google Classroom, we also offer the option to sync the assignment with Google Classroom.  The Scrible assignment will then show up as an item in the Classwork page for that class in Google Classroom.  Students will be able to submit and un-submit their work in Google Classroom.

Individuals using assignment code/URL

If educators don't want to set up sections in Scrible, or want to create an assignment for a smaller/larger group, they can use this option. Once they assign this assignment, a unique Assignment Code and Assignment URL will be created.  If they distribute the Assignment Code, the students can join the assignment by clicking the Join Assignment By Code button on the Assignment List page.  If they distribute the Assignment URL, students can just follow that link and they'll  be taken straight into the assignment (note that they will need to be signed into their Scrible account before they can see the assignment).

We are planning to add some group assignment options in the near future and integrations with additional 3rd party assignments.  If you have any distribution options or integrations you'd like to see, please let us know.