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Scrible Edu Special Education Support

Scrible Edu scaffolds the research and writing process, which teachers acknowledge is a complex, multi-step process in which students get lost and stuck. This is of particular benefit to struggling writers, dyslexics and students with cognitive/executive function challenges. 


Scrible’s potential to help such students is explained by Learning Specialist, Educational Therapist and ADHD/Executive Functioning Coach Dr. Erica Warren, who states:


“Like a complex braid, great writers weave and multitask with sentence rules, spelling, idea formation, content organization and more. And when learners struggle with one or more of these processes, writing can become a frustrating tangle of ideas, an apparent, impossible knot to unsnarl. Research papers can be particularly tricky, because students also have the added obstacles to collect relevant articles, organize the information into a structured layout, paraphrase and manage citations…


Scrible is an amazing online tool that students can use to annotate and color-code online text and simplify the process of writing research papers. This extraordinary technology, that is recognized by the National Science Foundation, can help students to read and write more efficiently.”[1]


This is evidenced by Tara Cassidy, Minnesota-based Board Certified Speech-Language Pathologist, who explains:


“Thank you so much for creating Scrible! It is by far one of the best AT programs that I have come across. I am a private practitioner working with students diagnosed with developmental language disability, dyslexia, dysgraphia and executive functioning deficits. I am just now beginning to use this with them. The biggest compliment is when a high school student watches your youtube video and responds, "ok, you sold me.".”