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What is Scrible Edu?

Scrible is the most advanced research and writing platform ever built to tackle the massive research and writing skills crisis undermining American students’ college and career readiness. See our demo and educator testimonial video here: 


A National Writing Project, College Board and Pew Research study reports that 60%+ of secondary students struggle with research (e.g., using multiple sources to make an argument and assessing the quality of online information). The Carnegie Corporation reports that only 25% of 12th graders are proficient writers (Salahu-Din et al., 2008) and 50% of high school grads aren’t ready for college writing (Achieve, 2005). 


Why is this? Research and writing is hard to do, teach and track. It’s very process-intensive. Students and educators have historically cobbled together 3+ apps and/or offline workflows to manage the process (e.g. curating research, annotating it, citing it, etc.). This makes it hard for students to stay organized and for teachers to track student work that’s siloed in multiple places. Also, much of the work has been done at home and over long time periods (days, weeks, months), making it hard to provide timely feedback. 


We change that. Scrible Edu is an advanced, Google and Microsoft partnered and integrated platform providing 1 workspace for students to curate, annotate, manage and collaborate on research (webpages, PDFs, etc.). It supports authentic writing with citation capture, bibliography and outline editors and Google Docs and Microsoft Word integration. It streamlines and scaffolds the work, helping students save time and stay organized. 


By centralizing student work in the cloud, we enable educators to assign, access and provide feedback on it in real-time as it happens instead of waiting for in-class check-ins that are often too late or infrequent. Our novel data dashboard also gives them real-time classroom and student level analytics, enabling them to individualize instruction and implement the first real personalized learning approach to research and writing. 


We offer single sign-on (SSO) with G Suite and Office 365. Our Chrome and Edge browser Extensions help students curate, annotate and cite articles while researching online. Our Google Docs Add-on and Microsoft Word Add-in make it easy to insert evidence into a paper and automatically update its bibliography. Our Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive integrations make it easy to manage and track research and writing assignments. Our Google Classroom Sync and Microsoft School Data Sync allow educators to easily import/sync class rosters. 

We also offer various integrations with other platforms, including SSO with Schoology (SSO), ClassLink (SSO, roster sync), Clever (SSO) and Canvas (SSO, roster sync, Library embed).


We’re backed by the National Science Foundation and have received recognition at ISTE, SXSWedu, FETC and elsewhere. The Illinois Association of Teachers of English (IATE) awarded us the 2019 and 2020 Classroom Essentials Award for all grades.