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What tools do students and teachers need to install?

To use Scrible, you and your students will need to install the Scrible Toolbar Chrome extension or Microsoft Edge Extension.  This is how you bring research from the web into your Scrible libraries and get the Toolbar to annotate it.  We also support a bookmarklet version of our Toolbar for Firefox.  At this point in time, we do not support using Scrible Toolbar to capture content in Safari (OS X or iOS).  Viewing content already saved in Scrible does not require any tools to be installed and should work in any modern browser.

You and your students should also install our Scrible Writer Google Docs Add-on or Scrible Writer Word Add-in.  This is what allows you to manage your bibliography in the document, review your research and outline, and incorporate annotations as cited quotes.

For Google Apps for Education users, we have a guide about how to push the Chrome Extension and Google Docs add-on out to students to save valuable class time walking students through adding these.