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How do I decide how my students/teachers should sign into Scrible

Deciding how your school's students and staff will sign into Scrible is going to vary based on which platforms you currently use.

Scrible was created so that a single account can be associated with multiple 3rd party systems.  Additionally, because the Scrible platform integrates into GSuite and Microsoft 365 services (like Drive/One Drive and Google Docs/Word), students will typically have multiple associations for their Scrible account if Google/Microsoft are not the primary authentication systems.  When students have multiple 3rd party systems associated with their Scrible account, we allow them to use any of these to sign-in.

Ways to sign into Scrible

Here is a list of the ways students can sign into their Scrible accounts and links to relevant articles about them:

We also offer roster syncing in some form for most of these providers.  See the details on the individual pages.  We also have a manual class creation path which lets teachers setup their classes without needing to integrate with a 3rd party.

Background on how Scrible uses the connection with Google/Microsoft 365 accounts.

In addition to using these providers as SSO and roster providers, certain parts of Scrible integrate more deeply with Google/Microsoft 365.  Students collect sources for research in Scrible Libraries.  If they're writing a paper based on this research, they can create that associated with their Scrible Library.  Since Scrible Libraries can be shared with other users for collaboration, Scrible ensures the the document permissions are adjusted to reflect the library sharing.

For teachers, our assignments feature automates creation of Google Docs in Google Drive and Word Docs in OneDrive for assignments.  Scrible automatically shares the documents with and manages the permissions to these files for the students and teachers.  This way when a student turns in a paper through Scrible, their write access to the document can be removed.  Scrible also periodically analyzes the documents to retrieve metrics to present to the teachers to help them gauge students' progress on the assignments.

How to choose the recommended way for students/staff to sign in

If Google Classroom or Microsoft Education are your primary systems, then the choice is simple - just use the corresponding SSO.

If your students primarily use ClassLink, Canvas, Schoology, or Clever to access their applications, then that should probably be the recommended route.  In this case though, it is important that if at all possible, the email address of the Google Account/Microsoft 365 account is provided to Scrible from these systems (either during SSO or through roster sync) so that we can match up the users.  If it isn't possible to pass along this email, students can still add their Google/Microsoft 365 accounts, but it's a little more error prone since they'll have to manually enter the email address.  Note that we do not require that students can receive emails at these addresses - they are just used as a unique identifier to match students between the different systems.