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Getting started with Clever

Scrible offers two different integrations with Clever:

With either of these, users can either click the Clever option on our Sign In page  or use the Scrible link from within Clever.

For best results with the Rostering we recommend that you share the following information for students.  With this information, they'll only need to answer one question to create their account the first time they access Scrible - the rest will be pre-filled.

** - Important note about email addresses.  If your students use Microsoft 365 or Google accounts and the email addresses don't match the email in Clever; or if your students have already created Scrible accounts and the email addresses they used don't match the email for the student in Clever, please contact us in advance so we can try to figure out a way to match up accounts so students don't end up with duplicated accounts or other issues.

The students do not need to actually be able to receive emails at the email addresses provided - these serve as the unique identifier between systems.

If you have any questions about the Clever Rostering integration, please let us know through our support form.