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How to push the Chrome Extension & Google Docs add-on out to students (Google Workspace for Education admins)

These instructions are provided for Google Workspace for Education administrators to push the Scrible Chrome Extension and the Google Docs Add-on out to students and help prevent teachers from spending class time guiding students through the installation process.

Steps to push the Scrible Chrome Extension to Chrome

As of 07/31/23

  1. Sign in to Google Admin
  2. From the Admin Console, click on Devices
  3. From the left sidebar, choose Chrome
  4. Choose Apps & extensions
  5. Click on Users & browsers 
    6. Click on the "+" button in the bottom right corner and choose Add from Chrome Web Store

7. In the window that opens, type "Scrible Extension" in the search field and click on the Scrible Extension entry.

8. Click the SELECT button.

9. The screen from step 6 will reopen with Scrible Extension in the list. Change the dropdown from Allow install to Force install + pin  

10. Click SAVE in the top right corner of the screen. 

Steps to push the Scrible Writer Google Docs Add-on to Google Workspace for Education domain users

As of 07/31/2023

    1. Sign in to Google Admin
    2. Expand the Apps section in the sidebar and expand the Google Workspace Marketplace Apps section and click on Apps List 
    3. Add app to Admin Install list.
    4. In the new tab that opens, type "Scrible Writer" in the search field and click on the Scrible Writer entry. 
    5. Click on the Admin install button.
    6. On the confirmation, select Continue. 
    7. Mark the checkbox to accept the terms and the privacy policy, and click Allow

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