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Shortcut Keys for the Toolbar

The Scrible Toolbar now has shortcut keys available.  

By default you'll need to first press Ctrl+Shift+s to activate the shortcut keys.  This will cause the shortcut keys to appear over their corresponding area.  The next key press will be checked for a shortcut key.  The shortcut mode automatically turns off after 5 seconds or the next keypress, whichever comes first.  Toolbar items with menus are generally accessed by using the upper case letter of the one shown.  

Example: h toggles the Highlighter tool and H will open the Highlighter color menu.

Additionally we now listen for Ctrl+z and Ctrl+Shift+Z for Undo and Redo of annotations.

Please see attached PDF with the shortcut keys available in the Toolbar.  

Scrible Toolbar Shortcut Keys.pdf

NOTE: not all features mentioned are available in all plans.