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Teachers - Getting Started with Scrible (with Office 365)

Signing in

We offer a number of ways to sign into accounts. We recommend using our Office 365 Single Sign-On option. Having you and your students sign in using this will avoid having to remember a separate password for Scrible and needing to receive external emails with a password reset link. 

Teachers in one of our Edu Pro Plans will need to manually set up classes in Scrible, or we can sync roster information from Microsoft if you are using their School Data Sync service. Note that roster sync requires prior approval from your Office 365 administrator. For teachers with our Edu Pro Teacher Plan (and certain other group plans), once students are in your class, they'll automatically get the upgrade to Scrible Edu Pro.


Installing Scrible Tools

To use Scrible, you and your students will need to install the Scrible Chrome extension or Microsoft Edge Extension. This is how you bring research from the web into your Scrible libraries and get the extension to annotate it.

You and your students should also install our Scrible Writer Word Add-in. This is what allows you to manage your bibliography in the document, review your research, and incorporate annotations as cited quotes.

Learning More

Please see this blog post about our guides and in-app tours to help get started with Scrible.  


Getting Help

If you have any questions or run into any issues, the fastest way to get help is through our Help page or by emailing (for instance, if you have a screenshot of a problem you want to send in).  


A few notes for the fastest support 


Roster Syncing

If your school uses the Microsoft Education roster syncing service, you can let Scrible sync rosters directly from Microsoft Education. To enable this, head to your Classroom page in Scrible and click the "Sync classes" button. Choose "Office 365 Education" from the list and follow the steps to grant Scrible permission to retrieve your class rosters. 

NOTE: Scrible will also need to be approved by your Microsoft admin to sync roster information if they haven't already done so.  

Once both approvals are made, Scrible will sync a list of your classes from Microsoft. You can then enable syncing of rosters for the specific classes you wish to use in Scrible. Class rosters will automatically sync periodically. However, if you have made changes in Google Classroom, you may also click the "Update" button on that class to initiate an immediate sync.