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Teachers - Getting Started with Scrible (with Google Apps for Education)

Here's some best practices for using Scrible with Google Apps for Education.

Signing in
We offer a number of ways to sign into accounts.  We recommend using our Google Single Sign On option.  Having students sign in this way will avoid them having to remember a separate password for Scrible and needing to receive external emails with a password reset link. 
  • To sign up/in to Scrible, in a browser where they are signed into their school Google Account, just have them click the button on the Scrible Sign-In page.  
  • The first time, they'll need to authorize Scrible to access the requested permissions, and then complete their account information for Scrible.  After that, when they click this button to sign in, they'll be taken straight into their account.  
Teachers in one of our Edu Pro Plans will need to setup classes in Scrible, either manually or with our Google Classroom sync.  For teachers with our Edu Pro Teacher Plan (and certain other group plans), once students are in your class, they'll automatically get the upgrade to Scrible Edu Pro.

Installing Scrible Tools

To use Scrible, you and your students will need to install the Scrible Toolbar Chrome extension. This is how you bring research from the web into your Scrible libraries and adds the Toolbar to annotate it. You and your students should also install our Scrible Writer Google Docs add-on.  This is what allows you to manage your bibliography in the document, review your research, and incorporate annotations as cited quotes.  We recommend working with your Google Apps for Education Administrator to ensure these are added to the allow list for students to use and recommend that the admin pushes the extension and add-on out to the student's accounts to avoid having to take class time to guide students through this process.  GAFE admins can find more information about pushing our extension and add-on out to students in this article.

Learning More
Please see this blog post about our guides and in app tours to learn more about features in Scrible.  

Getting Help
If you have any questions or run into any issues, the fastest way to get help is through our Help page or by emailing (for instance if you have a screenshot of a problem you want to send in).  
A few notes for the fastest support 
  • If you're having trouble with the Toolbar, please click the Megaphone icon () near the right end.  This will open up the help form and it includes extra logging information from the Toolbar in the report which may help us determine what caused the problem.
  • If your students can't receive external emails and they submit support requests, please have them include a teacher email address we can reply to.  
  • If teachers are submitting a request on behalf of a student, please ask them to include the student's email address to aid us in finding the correct account when researching the issue.

Roster Syncing

Scrible can sync rosters from Google Classroom.  To enable this, head to your Classroom page in Scrible and click the "Sync classes" button.  Next choose "Google Classroom" and then click the "Connect and Authorize" button.  After this, head back to your Classroom page.  The sync may take a minute, so you may need to refresh the page after a bit to see those come in.  At this point, only your list of Classes from Google Classroom has been synced.  You can then enable syncing the student rosters from individual classes where you want to use Scrible.  Class rosters will be periodically synced automatically, but if you have made changes in Google Classroom you need to pick up before that, just click the "Update" button on that class to immediately sync those.