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How do I use the Definition and Translation tools?

Translate text in Edu Pro

  • To translate text, select the language icon. 
  • The cursor changes to the language cursor. 
  • Select the text with this cursor. 
  • The translation appears in the sidebar. 

Translate text in Edu

  • In the free Edu K12 plan, words are translated one at a time rather than sections of text. 
  • The results are similar to a dictionary, listing parts of speech with each definition. The word in the specified language is bold.   

Translation Settings

  • To adjust the translation settings, click the arrow to the right of the language icon in the toolbar.
  • Use the pop-up menu to scroll through language translation options. "Translate from" on the left, and "Translate to" on the right.


  • To look up a definition of a word, select the dictionary icon.
  • The cursor changes to the dictionary cursor. 
  • Select the text with this cursor. 
  • The definition appears in the sidebar. 

Translations and Definitions in the Sidebar

  • If the definition/translation seems to appear and disappear quickly, scroll down in the sidebar. 
  • Definitions & translations appear in the sidebar in the same order they appear in the article.
  • Unless removed manually, definitions & translations remain in the sidebar and are visible each time the dictionary icon is clicked in the sidebar. 
  • To remove a definition or translation from the sidebar, click the trash can icon in the top right of that definition or translation box.

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