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How do I tag Sources using the Scrible Extension?

Tagging sources in your Scrible library is a game-changer. Tagging allows you to transform your research into an effortlessly organized, easily navigable treasure trove. It allows you to categorize sources on the fly, making every piece of information just a search away within your library. Whether you're diving into deep topics or skimming for broad ideas, tagging streamlines your workflow, making it a breeze to pull up relevant sources with a simple search. Sources saved in the library can be searched by their tags, making organization and retrieval easier. Here are the steps:

Add a tag

Open a source you've saved in Scrible. Click on the tag icon in the sidebar on the right side of the page. To create tags, you may enter each tag separately or type comma-separated tags in the text box. The tags are stored automatically when you strike the "enter" key.

Remove a tag

To remove a tag, hover over the tag you wish to remove, then click the red x.

Search by Tags

What takes tagging from handy to heroic is the searchability feature in your Scrible library. Just pop into the search bar, type in a tag, or select from the dropdown list, and voilà — every source tagged with that term lines up for review. It’s the fast track to finding exactly what you need, when you need it, without the hassle.

Why Tag?

Incorporating tags into your workflow boosts efficiency and reduces your time hunting for information. Whether you’re knee-deep in articles for a thesis or gathering data for a project, tagging is your ticket to a smoother research journey.