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The Ultimate Guide to the Scrible Extension Toolbar and Sidebar

The Scrible Extension is a cornerstone tool for anyone looking to enhance their research, study, and online reading experience. By integrating directly with your browser, Scrible allows you to source, save, cite, and annotate web pages and PDFs with unparalleled ease. This guide offers a comprehensive overview of each element within the Scrible Toolbar and Sidebar, empowering you to make the most out of these features.

The Scrible Toolbar:

From left to right, the Scrible Toolbar is your command center for interacting with digital content in a meaningful way. Here’s what each icon does:

Sign Out:  Quickly sign out of your Scrible account.

Source Save Status:  This shows whether the current page or document is saved to your Scrible library.

Library: Access your saved articles, papers, and web pages, as well as change the library in which your sources are saved.

Share: Share your annotated documents with others.

Highlighter: Highlight text in different colors to emphasize essential information.

Comment Tool: Add notes or comments directly on the text for personal reminders or collaborative discussions.

Text Color Tool: Change the color of your text annotations to organize themes or ideas.

Underline Tool: Underline essential pieces of text for emphasis.

Undo: Easily undo your last action.

Redo: Easily redo your last action.

Show/Hide Annotations: Toggle the visibility of all annotations on the page.

Focus on Previous/Next Annotation: Navigate through annotations one by one, either backward or forward.

Read Aloud: Have the text on the page read out loud to you for auditory learning.

Translate: Translate text into different languages for comprehension.

Dictionary: Look up definitions of words without leaving the page.

Help: Access Scrible’s help resources for additional support.

Remove Toolbar: Remove the toolbar and return to the original URL of the cached (a stored copy of the webpage at the moment it was added to your library). Remember, if you want to access the same page again, you may need to sign in to the original database or provider to view it. Otherwise, you may not be able to get back to this view of the page. It's also possible the original page has moved or been removed.

Move Toolbar: Reposition the toolbar to the bottom of the page for better accessibility.

The Scrible Sidebar:

Arranged from top to bottom, the Scrible Sidebar acts as your personal assistant, organizing and enhancing your research. Here’s the functionality at your fingertips:

Move Sidebar: Adjust the sidebar’s position for optimal screen layout.

Show Comments: Display all comments made on the document for easy review.

Show Collaborators: See who else is working on the document with you.

Show Tags: Organize and filter your documents using customizable tags.

Show Information: View detailed information about the document, including author, source, and date added.

Show Citation: Generate and view citations in various styles for easy bibliography creation.

Show Annotation Key: Understand the color and symbol system used for your annotations.

Show Translate/Definitions: Access a list of all previously requested translations and definitions without navigating away from the document.

Show Help: Find answers and tutorials to maximize your use of Scrible.

The Scrible Toolbar and Sidebar are designed to streamline your research process, making interacting with digital content more accessible and efficient. By familiarizing yourself with these features, you can transform your browsing experience, ensuring that every source is saved, cited, and annotated precisely as you need. Whether conducting academic research, compiling information for a project, or simply reading for pleasure, Scrible puts a suite of powerful tools at your disposal. Embrace the full potential of your digital workspace with Scrible.