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How do I use in-text citations?

In-text citations are crucial in academic writing, providing necessary credit to sources and enabling readers to locate the original material. The Scrible Writer Google Docs add-on and Microsoft Word add-in simplify this process, offering various methods to insert and edit in-text citations efficiently. This article will guide you through the steps to use in-text citations effectively in your document using Scrible.

Inserting Annotations as In-Text Citations:

  • Browse or Search Annotations: In the Scrible Writer add-on, start by browsing your sources or searching for annotations.
  • Insert Annotation:  Click the "+" button next to an annotation to insert it into your document at the cursor's current location. If the annotation is not a comment, it will be inserted in double quotes and followed by an in-text citation.
  • Hyperlinked Citations: The in-text citation becomes a hyperlink to the quote in the context of your Scrible Library. This feature allows for easy verification of the context of the quoted material.

image.png  image.png  image.png


Updating Citation Information:

Suppose you need to update citation information (such as author name or date). In that case, this can be done in the Bibliography tab of the add-on, in your Scrible Library, or the Citation sidebar of the Scrible Extension on the source.  Page numbers can be updated in the annotation context menu as described below.  After any changes to citation information, the green checkmark in the add-on will change to a red exclamation - click the exclamation. After that step, your document's hyperlinked in-text citations and bibliography will be updated accordingly.

In-Text Citations with Page Numbers:

  • Open PDF in Scrible Viewer: For citations with page numbers, open the relevant PDF source in Scrible’s PDF Viewer.
  • Select Annotation: Click on a highlight or other annotation within the PDF.
  • In-Text Citation Button: Select the in-text citation button in the context menu. This opens a dialog with the in-text citation, including the page number.
  • Edit Locator: You can also edit the locator for that specific annotation.



Using the Scrible Writer add-on for in-text citations not only makes the process more efficient but also more accurate. With the ability to link citations to their source and update them as needed, your academic writing will be well-supported and credible. Try these steps in your next writing project to streamline your citation process.