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How do I source books using Scrible?

Incorporating books into your research enriches your work with comprehensive insights and diverse perspectives that other sources might not offer. Books often provide thorough analyses and discussions that have undergone a rigorous editorial process, adding credibility to your work. With Scrible Edu Pro plans, seamlessly adding these substantial resources to your library is not only convenient but also a strategic move to ensure your research is well-rounded and authoritative. It allows you to tap into the wealth of knowledge books hold and cite them accurately, making your research project or paper more robust and well-informed.

So, embrace your inner bibliophile!  Here's a step-by-step guide to show you how to add books to your Scrible Library:

1. Open Your Library: 

Choose the library to which you want to add your source. Our Edu Pro users can create additional libraries to organize their research and assignments. That means more libraries to organize your research and assignments!

2. Click +New Source: 

Towards the top of your screen, you'll see a teal green +New Source button. Give that a click.

3. Select Book: 

Among the dropdown options, you'll see the Book option. Go ahead and select it.

4. Input Book Details:

A new window will appear, prompting you to add the details. You can enter the title, author, publisher, year of publication, and other relevant information. You can then select your Book from the populated dropdown menu.

5. Customize and Cite: 

As always, Scrible provides citation information based on your chosen citation style, whether MLA 9, APA 7, Chicago, or approximately 10,000 others. You also have the option to edit citations if some of the information is incorrect or incomplete. It is always appropriate to ensure your citation is spot on!

6. Save and Organize: 

Scrible automatically saves the information into your chosen library. Your Book is ready to be organized, tagged, and used in your research.

Note: Scrible 

💡 Pro Tip: You can always revisit and edit the book details if needed. Plus, while adding, don't forget to utilize the ISBN search feature for faster data entry!

For all the book enthusiasts, this feature ensures that no source, no matter the format, is left out of your research process. Embrace comprehensive research with Scrible's Edu Pro version, and remember – every source, from web article to book, adds depth and richness to your work. Happy researching! #BookLoversInResearch #TipTuesday

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