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Scrible's Progress Monitoring: 'Show Your Work' for the Writing Process

Just like in math, where students "show their work" to prove they understand the problem, Scrible's Progress Monitoring does the same for writing. This tool lets teachers see every step of a student's writing process. From how they research and analyze information to the final writing stages, teachers will have a clear picture of student progress to help them do their best (and their own) work. Let's dive in and see how it works. 

Progress Monitoring 

This feature is a game-changer for our Edu Pro Plan educators, offering a bird's eye view of your students' entire research and writing process. Progress Monitoring breaks down the data into four distinct categories: Let's take a look at the Educator's Assignment Dashboard, where you'll be able to access this feature.

  1. Head to the Assignments tab in Scrible's Navigation Bar
  2. Choose the assignment for which you want to view data
  3. The data is displayed in two sections: 
    1. The "Bird's Eye View" gives you a general overview of the whole class progress on the assignment (above the dark grey divider)
    2. Individual student overall views (below the dark grey divider)

Once you are here, you can explore all of the data collection points for each student. Let's take a look at the Work Progress Detail View (in the far right of each student's data)

      Research - Saving Sources

Get insights into your students' research efforts. While we do not show the exact amount of time students spend on Google or other search engines, we capture the approximate time students spend adding sources to their libraries. Teachers have the ability to view the student libraries to see their actual work.

Research: This documents that the student spent five minutes on this task.

      Analysis - Annotating Sources

Glimpse into how students are analyzing the sources they've gathered. This graph demonstrates how much time students spent annotating their sources, which can indicate how engaged the students are in analyzing the sources they've gathered.

      Synthesis - Working in Outline

Track how students are synthesizing information from various sources. This is crucial for assessing their ability to integrate ideas coherently.

      Writing - Writing in Document

Keep tabs on the writing progress. See how students are translating their research and analysis into well-structured papers. 

NOTE: The time spent on papers is only tracked when the paper is created by the teacher in the Papers tab of the assignment.

Here's where it gets even more exciting - Progress Monitoring helps you address concerns related to plagiarism. With trackable data, you can confidently assess the originality and authenticity of your students' efforts. Not only can you see what students did in terms of these data points, you can see how much time they spent on each activity over the assignment period! It's a powerful tool to ensure academic integrity and guide your students toward success. With Progress Monitoring, you'll have the insights you need to support your students every step of the way. 

Scrible's Progress Monitoring empowers educators like you to take a proactive role in your students' research and writing journeys. It's a valuable resource for enhancing teaching and ensuring academic honesty. #EduTech #ScribleMagic

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