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How do I source digital journal articles using Scrible?

Last week we taught you how to Dive Deep with Physical Journal Articles in Scrible! This week, we will dive deeper into our new Journal Articles feature to show you how to make the most of your DIGITAL copies of journals. #MoreJournalJoy #TipTuesday

Step-by-Step GuideEnlarge the videos to see the steps in action.
  1. Capture the web version or upload the PDF into Scrible and use the normal toolbars. 
  2. If the citation doesn't automatically populate, use the journal search in the sidebar to source the information.

  1. Journal Article Search: You have the flexibility to:
    1. Search by title for specific articles you have in mind.
    2. Dive in by the author and see the span of their work.
  2. Citation Perfection: Scrible ensures that your citation style (MLA9, APA7, Chicago, or others) aligns perfectly with your project's needs.
  3. Voila! Once all details are in place, all your changes are automatically saved! You're all set!

💡 Pro Tip: 

Use the DOI (Digital Object Identifier) when adding your digital journal article. It's a quick way to ensure accuracy and completeness in your citations.


Scrible enables you to collaborate with teammates or fellow researchers. You can share your articles, annotations, and notes with others, making it easier to work on group projects or share research findings. 

Happy Scribling!

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