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How do I source physical journal articles using Scrible?

For academic aficionados, there's nothing quite as exciting as delving into a detailed journal article that adds depth to your research. 

With Scrible, adding a physical journal article is as seamless as ever, ensuring you get the most out of your academic pursuits. 

In our predominantly digital landscape, there remain times when you need to cite a physical source. So, if you have a print copy of a journal article you want to use, here's a step-by-step guide:

  1. Begin in your Library: Navigate to your chosen Scrible library.
  2. Click + New Source toward the top middle of your screen.
  3. Choose Add Journal Article from the dropdown menu.
  4. Enter Article Details: A new window will pop up, prompting you to provide the article's specifics. This can include the title, author(s), journal name, volume and issue number, publication date, page numbers, and more.
  5. Journal Article Search: You have the flexibility to:
    • Search by title for specific articles you have in mind.
    • Dive in by the author and see the span of their work.
    • Explore articles by subject, ensuring you cover every facet of your topic.
  6. Citation Perfection: Scrible ensures that your citation style (MLA9, APA7, Chicago, or others) aligns perfectly with your project's needs.
  7. Save and Go!: Once all details are in place, hit 'Save.' Voilà! Your journal article is now part of your library, ready for your annotations, tags, and integration into your research.
  8. Add Quotes: You can type in quotes from the print article using our Quote Manager and apply annotation styles to these so they can be searched and included, just like your digital sources.

💡 Pro Tip: When adding your journal article, leverage the DOI (Digital Object Identifier) if available. It's a quick way to ensure accuracy and completeness!

Whether you're a student, teacher, or researcher, journal articles are the bedrock of in-depth study. By integrating them smoothly into Scrible, you're ensuring top-notch, comprehensive research. Dive into the depth of knowledge, and keep your research game strong! #JournalJoy #TipTuesday

Next Week: Dive Deeper with Digital Journal Articles in Scrible!

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