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How do I use the Scrible highlighter?

One of the Scrible's key features is its Highlighter, which allows you to easily highlight text directly on webpages and PDFs in your browser. Scrible's Highlighter beats old-fashioned highlighters because of what you can do with highlights once you've created them.

Placing a Highlight and Choosing a Color

To use the Highlighter, select the text you want to highlight and click the Highlight Button in the Scrible extension, which will highlight your selected text. As you can see in the animated image below, you can optionally first select your desired highlight color from a range of colors in the Highlight Button Dropdown Menu. The animated image shows the expanded highlighter colors in our Edu Pro plans. 

Free and Paid Plan Color Palettes

Here are the highlighter color palettes for our free and paid subscriptions plans: 

Colors for Basic and Edu PlansColors for Edu Pro Plans

What You Can Do with Highlights

Once you've created a highlight, click on it to see its Annotation Context Menu, which allows for that special Scrible touch enabling you to do a variety of things with the highlight. In our free plans, you can delete it, change its color, attach a comment to it and grab a permalink for it that links specifically to that particular highlighted text in the article. In our paid plans, you can can also tag the highlighted text and have it read aloud to you. You can even search for just the highlighted text in your Library and Scrible Writer. So, there are super useful things you can do with your Scrible highlights!

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