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How do I share Sources?

An important feature you may find particularly helpful is the ability to share your information sources (or "sources") with others. That allows for easy collaboration on research and other projects and can be a great way to work with classmates or colleagues.

Share from Scrible App via Permalink

You can copy permalinks for one or multiple sources in your Scrible library to paste into messaging apps, social media, documents, or anywhere you normally share a link. From the Sources Tab in your library, check the boxes to the left of each source you want to share. Then, click the Share Button atop the library and select the Permalink option from the dropdown menu. Permalinks for all the sources you've chosen are then displayed for you to copy individually or as a group. Copy and paste the ones you want to share.

Share from Scrible App via Email

You can also share sources via email. Simply follow the same steps as above, but select the Email option from the Share Button Dropdown Menu. That will open the Share via Email Window, which you can complete to share your selected sources via email. You can also check a box to send a copy of the shared email to yourself.

Share from Scrible Extension

If you're viewing a source, you can also share that source from the Scrible extension. Click on the Share Button in the Toolbar within the extension and choose how you would like to share the source.

We hope you find these sharing features helpful in your research and collaboration efforts. If you have any questions or need further guidance, please don't hesitate to contact us. We're here to help!

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