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Configuring Firefox to use the Scrible Toolbar

Recent versions of Firefox changed their default privacy settings to sandbox 3rd party scripts (like our Toolbar) in such a way that it prevents the Toolbar from being able to communicate with our site to save your pages.  

To use the Toolbar you'll need to adjust the privacy settings slightly:

Open your Firefox settings and go to the "Privacy & Security" section.  It's likely in the "Standard" mode.  We'll need to change that to "Custom" option.

All boxes should be checked in the "Custom" section.  You'll need to change the "Cookies" dropdown to the "Cross-site tracking cookies" option.  IMPORTANT:  The "Cross-site tracking cookies, and isolate other cross-site cookies" does NOT work - it isolates our Toolbar from the website prevent it from signing in.

A little further below, in the "Cookies and Site Data" section, click on the "Manage Exceptions..." button and enter "" and click "Allow" and then "Save Changes"

After making these changes, reload any pages that are open before using the Toolbar and you should be all set.