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Problem with Toolbar Sign-In

Our Toolbar has to communicate with our server to retrieve your account information and save your annotations.  If you have signed into our website in one tab, the Toolbar in all tabs should be signed in automatically.  

However, There are a few situations which can prevent our Toolbar from being able to retrieve your account information

  1. Because our site is a 3rd party to the pages you're annotating certain browser settings can prevent our Toolbar from being able to communicate with our server.  
    • In Chrome and Firefox, if you've disabled 3rd party cookies, you'll need to add an exception to allow them for - see this article for details.
    • In Safari go to Safari->Preferences, choose the "Privacy" tab - more details in this article.
      • For Sierra and earlier, you'll need to "Allow all cookies"
      • In High Sierra, you need to uncheck the "Prevent cross-site tracking" option
  2. If your cookies and site data have been cleared, a security token embedded in our Bookmarklet Toolbar can get invalidated.
    • In this case, the sign in window should ask you to confirm you are trying to sign into the Toolbar.  Click the "Yes" button and everything should be back to normal
  3. Some sites use libraries which replace built in browser functions with incompatible versions which can cause our Toolbar to fail to communicate
    • Please click the Megaphone (2nd to last icon on the right end of the Toolbar) and report a problem and ensure the correct URL is populated so we can investigate and try to create a workaround to make this site work.

If you get stuck, please let us know and we'll be happy to help!

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